Need help with energy bills?

We’re here to help you through an unprecedented energy crisis. Our team of energy advisors help people across Southampton, Hampshire and Portsmouth to reduce their energy bills, apply for utility discounts and gain access to temporary or permanent home heating solutions.

If you live in one of these areas and are worried about paying bills or staying warm, please contact us for personalised support. In the meantime, our top tips to get you started are listed in the tabs below.

If you’re living in a particularly cold or damp home, you could be eligible for a grant to cover the cost of making your property warmer. Take a look at our grants and funding page for an overview of the types of financial support available.

Heat that escapes through your walls and loft can add up to become your biggest energy expense. Take a look at our home insulation page for information about the different ways to keep your home well insulated – you might even find that you’re eligible for funding.

Check for any cracks around your window frames and letter boxes. Even if you can’t see them, you might be able to feel if there’s air coming through. Fill the gaps with an appropriate sealant.

If you’ve got a hot water tank without much foam around it, consider buying a hot water tank jacket to reduce heat loss.

The most obvious way to keep your bills as low as possible is simply to reduce the amount of gas and electricity you use. Whilst it’s important to be comfortable, there are plenty of quick and easy habits you can make that will minimise the amount of energy you use overall.

  • Control your heating and hot water to suit your lifestyle. If you’ve got a thermostat, set it to between 18 and 21°C, which is a comfortable temperature for most people. Consider closing off rooms you don’t use very often, and use the timers to make sure your heating and hot water aren’t running all the time.
  • Take shorter showers to reduce the amount of water you need to heat.
  • Switch appliances off at the socket to help keep your electricity use down.
  • Replace old light bulbs with LED ones.
  • Consider installing low-flow shower heads (if your shower is not electric).

The modern technology that’s available to heat your home can save a lot of energy and money, especially if you’re replacing an old gas boiler, coal fire or oil heating system. Browse our guide to choosing a heating system to find the right one for your circumstances – you might even be eligible for funding to help.