Light bulbs: do LEDs really make a difference?

A quick check of the light bulbs in your home could save you money and reduce your overall electricity usage, but how do you know which bulb to choose? Here’s our quick guide to choosing a light bulb. 

There are four main types of light bulb; traditional, halogen, CFL and LED. Head over to our energy efficient lighting page to learn what makes them all different.

The short answer, is yes. LED light bulbs are the most efficient bulbs on the market, meaning they don’t need as much electricity to run but they still produce a good quality of light. In comparison, older types of bulb need more electricity to function well and might not be so good at retaining heat.

If your home is full of old light bulbs, you might want to consider replacing them with LED ones for maximum reduction on your electricity usage.

Unfortunately most light bulbs can’t be recycled, but check how to dispose of your old light bulbs with your local authority. Some authorities may ask you to take them to the Household Waste and Recycling Centre.