Elderly couple receive heating upgrade

A couple from Southampton who were relying on a coal fired back boiler and immersion heater have had their setup replaced with a more efficient central heating system.  

The couple contacted us when the old coal system was becoming too difficult to manage, both physically and financially. 

Our first task was to visit the couple to gain a more thorough understanding of their setup and personal living circumstances. During the home visit, a tEC energy adviser gathered information to check the couple’s eligibility for support, including proof of income and details of their health conditions. 

We supplied the couple with some household appliances including a save-a-flush device, and discussed the support tEC could offer with installing a new central heating system and solar panels. 

As the couple had several health issues, the new central heating system reduced the emissions escaping into the property and therefore helped the couple to breathe more easily. During a particularly cold spell, we were pleased to issue the couple with a Winter Warmth pack containing hot chocolate, soup, a blanket, a hat and thermal socks along with other winter essentials. 

Finally, the solar panels were installed on the property and have started to help the couple reduce their energy bills and even receive some money from selling electricity back to the grid. 

If you’re looking to replace an old or inefficient heating system but are struggling to find the funding, please give us a call on 0800 804 8601 or email us at enquiries@environmentcentre.com