By Christabel - posted on February 25, 2022


Did you know that the average person produces nearly 500kg of household waste a year? Dealing with our waste puts a massive strain on the environment.

Putting the right stuff in the right recycling bin is very important, so check what options your local council offers. Recycled waste that contains items that cannot be recycled is known as waste contamination and means the whole lorry load could be sent to landfill instead. Waste and recycling needs to be securely inside a bin so that it doesn’t blow away and litter our environment.

Try looking into other recycling options beyond council collections. More and more companies are offering alternative packaging or are able to take back packaging that they have provided their products in.

A lot of items are thrown away when they are still in good condition or could be easily repaired. It is worth checking any warranties or insurances, getting help with a repair or finding a new home for an unwanted item.

Reduce your impact

  • Refuse: Ask yourself “Do I really need to buy this?”
  • Reduce: Buy fewer products
  • Reuse: Swap disposable items for reusables 
  • Recycle: Separate your waste and recycle as much as you can  
  • Repair items and give them a new lease of life 
  • Rot: Get a compost bin and start composting! 

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