By Christabel - posted on February 25, 2022

Transport and Travel

Did you know that 25% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from transport, making it the largest source of greenhouse gases?

One fifth of car journeys are less than 5 miles so you will be making a difference each time you swap shorter driving trips for walking or cycling. Walking and cycling are also good for health and wellbeing, and help you reduce and avoid air pollution. In fact, you are most exposed to air pollution when sitting in your car in traffic. Using public transport can be a great way of getting some ‘me’ time, as well as avoiding congestion and parking charges. 

Six out of ten cars contain only one person. Lift sharing works well for school runs and commutes if it is too far to walk or cycle. Consolidating trips wherever possible reduces mileage and saves time and fuel; this includes the deliveries you order to your home. If you do need to use a car follow eco driving tips, turn your engine off when stationary and consider a car club or even an electric vehicle.

Reduce your impact

  • Walk, cycle and scoot whenever you can
  • Use public transport for longer journeys
  • Car share and/or join a car club
  • Avoid flying and offset emissions if you have to fly
  • Choose the greenest delivery option

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