Look after nature

Nature is one of the most beautiful things we can enjoy about our planet, from tiny insects and garden plants to huge rainforests and the vast ocean. Spending time exploring nature and wildlife often makes us feel better connected to our planet. 

There are endless reasons why thriving eco-systems are crucial. Not only do living creatures have the same right to be here as we do, the role they play in the planet’s function is much bigger than we often realise. For example, we rely on trees to absorb carbon dioxide which stops it being released into the atmosphere.  

Whether you have a garden, balcony, outdoor windowsill or even just an outside wall, you can create a little piece of wilderness for insects to enjoy and to bring you closer to nature.  

  • Leave an area of your garden “messy” for insects and wildlife  
  • Add a pond or bird bath  
  • Build a bug hotel  
  • Plant native flowers to attract pollinators like butterflies and bees  
  • Use peat free compost with house plants and in the garden 
  • Visit your local park or nature reserve to connect with nature or even volunteer. 
Bee on lavender in garden