The power of partnerships

A local resident who visited a food bank has ended up with advice that’s helped her alleviate worries that her health would suffer if she couldn’t manage her energy bills.

As part of our community engagement work, we attended a Southampton food bank to offer additional support to anyone who might need help with their home energy setup.

This client took home two new LED light bulbs and a save-a-flush device to kick start her energy saving journey at home. She was also referred to an Energy Adviser for tailored, one-to-one advice. From there, she was added to her energy supplier’s Priority Service Register and received our help with understanding what she was entitled to.

The client was able to switch her pre-payment setup to paying monthly – something she didn’t realise she was entitled to do – because she relies on refrigerated medication. This means that the client cannot be cut off from her electricity supply, so she is no longer worried about her fridge shutting down and potentially making her medication unusable.