Clean Air Day 2024

The topic of air quality has been high on our agenda here at tEC for many years now and we’re proud to be delivering such impactful work in our region. As an organisation and employer in a city with significant air quality issues*, we’re committed to being part of the force for change and are taking this year’s Clean Air Day as an opportunity to reflect, inspire and plan.

We’ve always listened to the science behind the impact of poor air quality, and it’s this research that informs our actions and gives us the confidence and motivation to keep challenging ourselves to push harder. We’re incredibly grateful to have the support of a wide range of experts including Dr Malcolm White, Dr Thomas Daniels, Dr Matt Loxham and of course Professor Stephen Holgate, Air Quality Adviser to the Royal College of Physicians, who we had the privilege of interviewing last year.

Our youngest air quality project is one we’re delivering on behalf of Southampton City Council and in partnership with Global Action Plan. Since January this year, we’ve recruited 50 healthcare workers across the city who have taken on the role of a Clean Air Champion. These fantastic practitioners continue to inspire us with their willingness and commitment to engage with the latest research which in turn promotes better health for their patients.

As a thank you to our Clean Air Champions for supporting our mission, two members of our community engagement team will spend time at three GP surgeries and the General Hospital on Clean Air Day to help the Champions raise the profile of the importance of good air quality in their workplace. They’ll be based in waiting areas and will offer patients and their loved ones a range of tips and advice for reducing their own risk of health problems caused by air pollution.

Alongside our healthcare project, we continue to work with Southampton City Council, Eastleigh Borough Council, New Forest District Council and Winchester City Council to help residents understand the impact that burning wood has on the environment and human health. Rooted in public engagement, this project has generated numerous conversations and helped to unpick some of the common myths associated with this topic. Our leaflets, social media assets and FAQs can all be found on our dedicated wood burning webpage.

This year’s Clean Air Day largely focuses on the impact that road transport has on air quality. We’re lucky enough to have a workforce that has embraced our organisational culture and who already regularly prioritise sustainable and active travel. This year, we’re thanking colleagues for their commitment to travelling in this way and reminding them just how valuable and impactful their individual choices are. There’s sure to be a few tasty treats in the office!

Today we’d like to invite you to take a minute to watch our brand new air quality showreel that reveals some of our favourite moments from our air quality projects over the past few years. We look forward to building on these successes and continuing to make a difference across our region for years to come.

On behalf of all of us here at tEC, happy Clean Air Day!

*UK ports ‘choked’ by shipping fumes, study claims