Clean Air Day 2023

With air quality so high on our agenda, we couldn’t wait to start preparing for this year’s Clean Air Day!

We’ll be hosting a four-part webinar on Thursday, 15th June, to raise awareness of the importance of keeping our air as clean as possible.

Global Action Plan’s theme for the day is all about the impact that clean air has on our mind. We’ll be using this theme throughout our agenda, which is set out below.

Dr Ian Mudway, Senior Lecturer at Imperial College, will present the topic of brain smog and the emerging evidence of how air pollution affects brain health.

Peter Knapp, PhD student at Imperial College, will follow with a presentation on ultrafine particle pollution: what the wood burning stove industry doesn’t think about.

Dr Louise Kelly from the University of Southampton will help us understand if the rising prevalence of dementia can be linked to air pollution.

Dr Matt Loxham, also from the University of Southampton, will discuss traffic as a source of air pollution and whether electric cars are the solution.

Hazel Agombar, Senior Engagement Officer at the Environment Centre (tEC), will share sources of air pollution and how to reduce exposure.

Dr Ben Rusholme, a Southampton GP, will then share ways of speaking to patients about air quality.

Debbie Chase, Director of Public Health at Southampton City Council, will discuss air quality from a public health perspective.

George O’Ferrall, Sustainable Projects Lead at Southampton City Council, will follow with details of the Local Authority air quality programme.