Secondary glazing

Secondary glazing is a way of adding another layer of material to your window to give it extra warmth. It is a whole lot cheaper than having double glazing installed but can still vastly improve thermal efficiency.

Secondary glazing film is simple to fit and can easily be removed during the warmer months.

You’ll need to buy a secondary glazing film kit from a DIY store.

First off, measure the window frame and add 2-3cm to each side. Then cut the film to match.

Make sure the window frame is clean, and then attach double sided sticky tape all around the frame. Take special care at corners to make sure there are no gaps.

Peel off the backing tape to expose the sticky surface.

Starting at the top, stretch the film across the width of the window and carefully stick it to the tape. Work your way down, making sure the film is as straight as possible.

Next, use a hairdryer to blow hot air over the film. The heat will cause the film to shrink and become taut.

Magnetic secondary glazing works in a similar way to the film but uses magnetic strips and perspex instead. There are kits available to buy online where you can enter the measurements you need and have the perspex cut to the required size.